Floor Grinders

Floor grinders get the job done by scraping the concrete surface with rotating discs mounted onto the bottom of the equipment. The number of disks determines not only the area that can be ground with each pass of the machine, but also the best application for the machine.

  • concrete grinder rentalOne Head: With a small footprint, these grinders work best in corners, against walls, and in other tight spaces. However, their gear-driven rotary disc rotation gives them aggressive grinding action that can leave irregular scratch patterns, making them inapt for floor polishing.
  • Two Heads: The extra head gives more floor coverage, saving time. With the rotary machines’ weight concentrated on just two heads, there is plenty of pressure to effectively grind the surface and obliterate thick paint and adhesives.
  • Three Heads: Perhaps the best option for all-around performance, the three-head configuration distributes the machine’s weight providing greater balance, while still creating sufficient mass to ensure strong grinding. The additional head means large surfaces can be covered quickly. Three heads and the use of planetary action also makes these machines a better option for polishing concrete floors.
  • Four Heads: While still a strong option for grinding large surfaces in a short time, four-headed grinders exert even less pressure on each spinning head, adding to the machines’ effectiveness at polishing. Two heads spinning clockwise and two counterclockwise, negating excessive torque and the effort necessary for the operator to keep the grinder in line, cutting down on fatigue.

The wider a floor grinder’s working dimension – the amount of floor it can cover with each pass – the less time it should take to finish the job.

husqvarna concrete grinder rentalsThe machine’s size to some extent is dictated by the number of heads. In turn, the size and grinding intensity determines how much power is required to run it. Grinding intensity takes into account the machine’s gross weight, the amount of contact between the grinding tools and the concrete, and the grit rating of the tools. Coarser grits and more surface contact increases resistance and requires more power to achieve results.


Operating all equipment safely is the first order of business on any project. While concrete floor grinder rentals are not particularly dangerous, they can present health concerns if not operated properly:

  • Ventilation: Gas usually offers the most consistent and available power source for concrete floor grinders, but electricity or propane should be used in all indoor and poorly ventilated areas.
  • Dust Control: Users have two options for keeping irritating dust out of the air during grinding operations. Many rental grinders come with built-in vacuum capabilities, while others are capable of accepting separate vacuum units. Other grinders include a water tank. Wet grinding tamps down much of the dust as it is created. The wet dust is then vacuumed into the grinder, where it can be disposed of properly.
  • Personal Protection: Users should always wear respirators, sturdy shoes, and eye and ear protection when operating a floor grinder. Avoid loose clothing that can potentially get caught in the grinder disks.

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