• High strength cement and polymer additive coating mix designed to be used as a hard or semi-hard shell for expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) architectural design shapes and building trim.
  • Increases integrity, strength and durability to the surface of any Styrofoam shape. StyroCrete mix can be integrally colored with our Marbelite Tint kit or can be painted after completely drying.
  • May be applied with either a drywall type texturing hopper gun, or Grayco RTX Series spray outfit available from Marbelite. StyroCrete will bond to Urea coatings when Mar-Flex Elastomeric Bonding Additive (available from Marbelite) is used as a primer.
  • Typical applications used are:
    • Interior/Exterior architectural components
    • Bannisters
    • Window arches
    • Foam letters
    • Trade show displays
    • Landscape molds
    • And many more!

Applying Styrocrete over EPS Styrofoam

Can be applied with a drywall texturing hopper gun for interior or exterior surface applications. Spray pumps are available for larger production jobs.

StyroCrete will bond directly to polystyrene (EPS) foam shapes and architectural components which have been generally produced using hot wire EPS foam cutters.

While we do not sell the styrofoam or the hot wire foam cutting equipment ourselves, we have developed relationships and can refer you to solid reliable suppliers to provide a turnkey solution to your decorative EPS requirements.

Styrocrete Typical Uses

  • Decorative Trim
  • Crown Moulding
  • Decorative Columns
  • Ballistrades
  • Trim Moulding
  • Interior/Exterior Signs
  • Red Brick Renovations
  • Coralizing Styrofoam Shapes
  • Corporate Logos & Insignias
  • Styrofoam Decorative Garden items
  • Faux Concrete Decorative Walls

Styrocrete Information

  • Hard textured surface
  • Hand trowel or hopper gun spray
  • Tinted or paintable
  • Use with/without mesh
  • Interior/Exterior use
  • Hard in several hours
  • Spray will conform to any shape
  • Will not run/sag when correctly applied
  • Excellent hardness 30 day cure
  • Can be sprayed rough “sand finish”
  • Can simulate a “coral stone” look
  • Easily create a knockdown pattern
  • Compatible with Screed machine

Frequently asked questions

Who is Marbelite International Corporation?

We’re the industry leader in concrete surface restoration, starting in 1982. We have also grown to become a world leading manufacturer of premuim quality Marbelite polymer modified cementious decorative coatings and DecorChips™ vinyl chip seamless flooring system for pool decks, spa areas, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, balconies, patios and garage floors.

Marbelite has the proven knowledge to provide the builder, contractor, architect, design professional and specifier with cost effective decorative concrete surfacing solutions for residential and commercial applications.

What is a polymer?

The word Polymer comes from the Greek “poly” meaning many, and “meros”, parts or units. A polymer is a group of many units. You combine many “monomers” (individual units) to create a polymer.

Are polymers and plastics the same thing?

No. Polymer is often used as a synonym for “plastic”, but many biological and inorganic molecules are also polymeric. All plastics are polymers, but not all polymers are plastics. Plastic more commonly refers to the way a material behaves under applied forces, or behaves when it melts and flows.

How are Polymers made?

Commercial polymers are formed through chemical reactions in large vessels under heat and pressure. Other ingredients are added to control how the polymer is formed and to produce the proper molecular length and desired properties. This chemical process is called “polymerization”.

What is Polystyrene and what is it used for?

There are two common types of polystyrene foam, extruded polystyrene (popularly known by its Dow trademark Styrofoam®) and expanded polystyrene (EPS). Both are polymers.

In addition to the styrofoam cups and trays we have all become accustomed to, both expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene are used extensively as thermal insulation in industrial, commercial and residential construction, especially as decorative architectural shapes.

What is StyroCrete?

StyroCrete is a family of products which are applied to styrofoam or EPS polystyrene to provide a permanent, weather resistent finish. It provides a strong, lightweight uniformly smooth appearance, which can be coated with any type of water base paint.

What kind of StyroCrete finishes are available?

There are three components to a StyroCrete finish. The first is hardness, the second is coarseness, and the third is color blends.

Does StyroCrete make all these kinds of finishes?

Yes, depending on the look and feel of what you are trying to create, we can provide the ingredients to make any hardness, coarseness, or color effect.

What are the benefits of StyroCrete covered polystyrene?

StyroCrete covered foam products are lightweight, versatile, sanitary, energy efficient, and most of all cost effective. EPS foam’s chemical makeup consists of carbon and hydrogen. When completely combusted it gives off water vapor, carbon dioxide and trace levels of ash, the same as paper. It is non-toxic and contains no formaldahyde, and does not biodegrade. It does NOT contribute to the growth of mold or mildew, and is considered to be no more toxic than Douglas Fir wood under the worst case fire scenario.