Epoxy sl-100

Marbelite Epoxy SL-100 is a 100% solids, two component, cycloaliphatic amine, self-leveling epoxy system. EpoxySL-100 offers
excellent durability including abrasion resistance, chemical resistance,
and hot tire resistance. Epoxy SL-100 is a low odor, user
friendly high performance concrete flooring system.

  1. Excellent for a variety of seamless, high build concrete flooring applications.
  2. Enhanced flow and leveling properties make this a favorite by flooring contractors.
  3. Use this product as a base coat and metallic coat in the Marbelized Metallix
    flooring system.
  4. Can be tinted for solid color applications with Epoxy ColorPack (stocked in
    13 colors).
  5. VOC compliant for most areas in the United States and Canada

Marbelized Metallix Pigments

Marbelite Marbelized Metallix is a concentrated powdered metallic pigment designed for use in the Marbelite
EpoxySL-100 system. When applied over a properly prepared and primed surface, the effects that can be
achieved are virtually endless, producing an extremely unique and desirable result. Available in an excellent
variety of vibrant colors, our selection is sure to appeal to a wide variety of clients.

  1. Choose from 20 brilliant colors in earthy
    and vibrant varieties.
  2. Very unique application to finish and
    beautify commercial, industrial, and
    residential interior floors.
  3. Easily disperses into EpoxySL-100
    which allows for incredible flow with the
  4. Provides a beautiful metallic, mottled
    effect with unique and varied depth perception.
  5. Contains 0 g/l VOC content making this
    product legal for sale to all regions of
    the US and Canada.

Epoxy color packs

Marbelite Epoxy ColorPack is a 100% solids, concentrated, tint system specially formulated for 100% solids Marbelite EpoxySL-100. Epoxy ColorPack is formulated with high quality, ultra fine particle pigments that easily disperses in EpoxySL100.
Epoxy ColorPack is a superior choice to obtain a semitransparent stain or a solid opaque colored finish in EpoxySL-100.

  1. Choose from 5 standard colors in stock. More
    colors available upon request.
  2. Very economical, easy and decorative way to
    coat a variety of concrete substrates.
  3. Easily disperses into EpoxySL-100.
  4. Very easy way to create a beautiful, solid color
    concrete surface.
  5. Try in epoxy for the base coat of Marbelite Marbelized Metallix system.