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What is Marbelite high strength polymer modified-cement overlay coating?

It is a cementitious mixture designed for surfacing old or new concrete which transform ordinary plain concrete into a beautiful practical surface..

Do I have to remove all previous coatings?

We recommend that all previous coatings be removed down to concrete for best results.

Will the cracks in my concrete come back?

There is no way to guarantee against cracks returning. Your concrete is constantly moving and there is always a chance that old cracks may return and new cracks may develop.

How long should I wait to apply a coating over new concrete?

A minimum of 28 days. Many contractors have installed in less than 28 days with success.

What colors are available with Marbelite products?

We offer numerous colors for each product line, please refer to our tool page or technical sheets.

Does Marbelite have a product for application to polystyrene (EPS) foam material?

Yes, you can apply StyroCrete, or Screed Crete coatings directly to polystyrene (EPS) foam board material or architectural shapes used for interior or exterior applications.

Is fiberglass mesh required underneath StyroCrete or Screed Crete coatings?
No, mesh is not required, but will give added strength to the foam piece if applied underneath StyroCrete or Screed Crete.
Can I put StyroCrete or Screed Crete coatings directly over foam?

Yes, StyroCrete or Screed Crete will adhere to foam.

Can Marbelite coatings be applied to vertical walls?

Yes, most of our products can be applied to vertical surfaces.

Does Marbelite sell coatings for the inside of swimming pools?

No, Marbelite products are not designed for full water submergence.

Can Marbelite products be cleaned easily?

Yes, household cleaners and degreasers will easily take care of most household spills and stains. Please refer to product Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for more potent chemicals and always use proper safety equipment.

Does Marbelite carry seamless floor coatings?

Yes, Marbelite sells DecorChips, decorative flake system, Marbelized Metallix, metallic pigments, and more. These systems offer three dimensional non-porous seamless flooring for residential or commercial application, giving the appearance of a Granite, Terrazzo, or Marble surface, with much more versatility at a fraction of the cost.

Do I have to sand in between clear coats?
Sanding in between clear coats will give you a much smoother finish. Always follow recoat window according to the specific products
How long until I can walk on the floor?
We recommend 24 hours for foot traffic, and 3 days for vehicles and heavy equipment that cannot be moved with a hand truck or pallet jack. Do not drag heavy equipment across floor.
Will the floor be slippery when wet?

Depending on the type of finish, your floor can be slippery when wet. We carry a slip resistant material called Slip Grip, that can be added to the finish for added resistance while maintaining beautiful results.

What is the square foot coverage per pound for the decorative chips?

We recommend 10 square feet per pound at 100% coverage.

Can I put hot cookware on my counter top finish?

No, as with most counter tops, very hot cookware can damage your finish and is not recommended.

Where can I learn how to install Marbelite products?

We offer full training seminars on all our products or individualized training for specific product lines of your interest. Our seminar philosophy emphasizes a “hands-on” learning experience. Visit our “training” page for more information on what is covered during our seminars.

Where can I purchase Marbelite products?

Marbelite systems and products are available by ordering direct and are made available through limited warehouse facilities in the USA or from any authorized distributors. International orders are made through international distributors or direct.