The ultimate cement overlay system

unmatched strength

High polymer cement coating designed for surfacing old or new concrete. Transforms plain concrete into beautiful practical surface of natural stone, slate, brick, tile, paver look or simply a skip trowel knockdown system that many homes are installing on their patios and pool decks.


Sealed with high grade acrylic sealers (Stain Seal “500” or Crystal Clear “1000”). Resistant to yellowing and discoloration by exposure to ultraviolet light.


Marbelite cement coatings offer an attractive and durable surface finish, making it the perfect choice for commercial and residential installations, interior and exterior. 


  1. Unlimited colors to compliment any decor.
  2. Many spray patterns, designs and textures.
  3. Applicable for most floor surfaces.
  4. Low maintenance & easy to clean.
  5. Excellent water resistance.

Color Chart


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Marbelite International Corporation?

We’re the industry leader in concrete surface restoration, starting in 1982. We have also grown to become a world leading manufacturer of premuim quality Marbelite polymer modified cementious decorative coatings and DecorChips™ vinyl chip seamless flooring system for pool decks, spa areas, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, balconies, patios and garage floors.

Marbelite has the proven knowledge to provide the builder, contractor, architect, design professional and specifier with cost effective decorative concrete surfacing solutions for residential and commercial applications.

What is Marbelite high strength polymer modified-cement overlay coating?

It is a cementitious mixture designed for surfacing old or new concrete which transform ordinary plain concrete into a beautiful practical surface.

How is Marbelite applied?

The Marbelite polymer cementitious overlay mix is sprayed using a compressor and hopper gun and then skip-troweled, or “knocked-down”, to produce a decorative and colorful slip-resistant surface.

What colors are available with Marbelite products?

The Marbelite Color Tint Wheel offers a choice of more than 1,000 designer color options.

Will Marbelite's textured surface applications resist staining?

Marbelite’s high grade sealers provide a non-porous surface that is highly resistant to chemicals, algae, and staining and is easily cleaned with minimal effort.

Will Marbelite polymer modified-cement surfacing crack?

It will not crack when used according to specifications.

Does Marbelite have a product for application directly to polystyrene (EPS) foam material?

Yes, you can apply the StyroCrete and Screed Crete textured cementitious coating directly to polystyrene (EPS) foam board material or architectural shapes used for interior or exterior applications.

Does Marbelite have a seamless floor epoxy coating?

Yes. You can install the DecorChips vinyl chip system as a highly decorative, three dimensional non-porous seamless flooring system for residential or commercial application. DecorChips is used as an alternative system for Granite/Terrazzo, with much more versatility.

Does the company provide factory training seminars?

Yes. At Marbelite their training philosophy emphasizes “hands-on” experience. The training is a two-day session which will take you through every aspect of the Cement Overlay System, DecorChips and StyroCrete application systems process. The course will thoroughly cover the crucial steps of surface preparation, low area build-up and repairing cracks in concrete. The complete professional training will give you immediate confidence and the knowledge required to ensure successful installations.

Where can I purchase Marbelite products?

Marbelite systems and products are available internationally by ordering direct and are made available through regional warehouse facilities in the USA or from any of the company’s authorized distributors.